This page is for our members and those who wish to support the ministries of H.U.M.C. We provide a qualified pastor in the community and a staff to serve. We support local ministries and missionaries around the world. We host food banks at home and educate children across the globe. If you would like to help support these efforts and a mountain more we welcome your giving. We know you will be blessed.

VANCO now has an app for your phone called GIVE+ that you can download to select how you want to give. HUMC can be selected from the list of churches available, and once Hartford United Methodist is selected the name will stay on the app for future transactions.

If your offering is the same weekly, and you would prefer automatic deductions from your checking account, payments can be made through Vanco. You choose on the registration form the day(s) of the month you want the payment deducted from your account. Registration forms are available in the church office.

PayPal is another option to pay any time. Download the PayPal app on your phone or electronic device. If you don’t have a PayPal account, register with PayPal. After you register and log-in, select “Send Money”. The first time you will enter Hartford United Methodist Church, and we will then be listed for future transactions. Just a note, if you register your checking account, the full amount will be transferred, and there will be no processing fee charged to the church. A credit card payment will incur a small charge to the church to process.

Of course we also welcome you to give during Sunday service or feel free to mail your offering in anytime. Our address is available at the bottom right of each website page.

Thank you for helping.

Please contact the church office if you have questions or are in need of assistance.